Same-city Delivery in less than 4 Hours

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Why Us?

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Assured round-the-clock availability with instant pick up

We know you can need us any time. Hence we are available for you 24x7, at your convenience.

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Local delivery network presence in 3 cities

We provide intra-city delivery services in
Mumbai-Navi Mumbai-Thane, Delhi-NCR, and Pune.

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Automated alerts and notifications of the parcel

Secure, reliable delivery of your goods is a topmost priority for us.

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Real-time tracking of your parcel

Instead of you logging in and checking the status, we believe in “pushing” automated alerts to you. You can sit back and know that whenever there is an update, you will get it.

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Real-time Tracking

Not just delivery on time, but also knowing the current delivery status at any time is vital for our customers. We provide information using the following: epod, esign, delivery time, payment collection.

About Us

With the rise of the “on-demand delivery” economy model, the expectations of customers regarding the timely delivery of parcels at their own convenience are sky-high. This puts companies in a position where they must have a reliable, speedy courier service to deliver goods/services to customers. Additionally, today’s generation of millennials, who are more focused on their careers have very little time to run even their own errands. This was the train of thought which prompted our co-founder Atul Kambli to come up with an on-demand logistics service to address these pain points. RapiDel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated with an aim of doing things differently in the on-demand logistics services domain. Be it companies or retail customers, we focus on the intra-city logistics requirements of both. Our solutions for different segments are devised based on an integrated technology platform which has the provision of virtual hubs, and this enables us to deliver reliable, effective services.